What is the best web design trends in 2022?

Simple and Straightforward

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The new web design layout & interface must as simple as possible due to the mobile era, therefore, the minimalist design, content and elements is a must but these creations will also reflect the flat design trend.

Ideas of design element include:

  • Minimalist Edgy Website Designs
    • Web design trend in 2022 was more towards complexity. So, the trend in 2022 is more on minimalism in turn. Minimalism is using the minimal elements to tell all the story which can prioritize the specific elements and remove the unnecessary, increase the user interface (UI).
  • More Images, Faster Loading
  • Video Backgrounds
  • The Evolution of Typography

Creative blends of photos with Graphical Elements

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Correct blending of graphical elements with photos can make the UI of the website more eye-catching and helps attract the visitor attention to the website. The act of blending two elements in a website is a technique that shows the level of creativity and fun. By mixing two types of elements, the website can make it easier to tell the visitor about their branding while keeping them engaged on the website.

Comfortable/ Harmony Colour


Comfortable colour is the colour scheme that are comfy for our eyes which is important nowadays as most of us are spending time staring at the screens due to this digital pandemic. Also, it is easier our eyes which can give us a peace of mind.

Bold Color

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Comfortable colour is the colour scheme that are comfy for our eyes which is important nowadays as most of us are spending time staring at the screens due to this digital pandemic. Also, it is easier our eyes which can give us a peace of mind.

White Space

Modern website nowadays tends to be more minimalistic. With the use of white space, a visual hierarchy is created to let the visitors move through the website more smoothly.

As there are no irrelevant elements in the site that can distract the visitors to focus on the main important part of the website. Using white space can also let the users’ eyes to travel comfortably rather than a colorful website.

Mobile-First Design

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Nowadays almost 80% people are searching information by using mobile phone, it is going to take on a more significant role and this is the solid fact, definitely no doubt. Don't be confused with a typical mobile responsive web design because it is greater than that.

The typical responsive web design means the web page will auto adjust according to the size of the user's device screen and the entire website layout development is base on desktop users in mind first but such of the responsive website is no longer adequate as rapdily growing of users which use mobile device first for searching online or access webiste. Usually, as a experiences web design company will start the web interface design for you before the visual design.

The mobile-first advantages as follow:

  • Higher focus on the web content
  • Improving customer experience (CX)
  • Good for search engine

Grid Web Design

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As one of the top web design trends today, CSS grid layout has some ways to go before it can be more compatible with all interfaces. The popular type of grid design that are being used is an asymmetric layout. Asymmetric layout can keep the site exciting and more engaging for the visitor. Grid gives the web designers to create a responsive web design layout that are complex easier.

Custom Cursors

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Using custom cursor for the website can improves user interactions on the site. Unique cursors can attract visitors to stay longer on the website that they are visiting. Visitors can also have a great time engaging with the website using the unique custom cursor. However, the custom cursor should be relevant to the website as not to confuse the visitor on what the website is about.

Parallex Scroll & Micro Animation


Scrolling effect is more than navigating the page, perhaps they are interacting with the users. This can be done by scrolling the mouse and the screen will get the response which users will be more likely to engage and participate.

The parallax effect can be can be impressed customer as well as out standing the quote or short key information.

Multimedia Experiences

Multimedia Experiences

Most people having access to internet with a faster internet speed thanks to the technology. Multimedia experiences such as visuals, videos, audios and texts are popping up everywhere to allow a full user experience (UX) to the users.

Good UX & UI Design

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The UX & UI design can be consolidated the client engagement & leads, the UX & UI methods apply to ensure that business website is completely tailored and customized for business goal.

A good UX & UI website must achieve easy to navigate, user friendliness, and good content accuracy. Absolutely it will be impressed with the potential client as well as improved the sales interest.

Accessibility and Availability


The website accessibility are more than a trend, creating a good usability of website can produce a excellent experience & reduce the bounce rate with prospective.



Creating a interactive section to your website is is a great way for customer-driven, create engagement & sales interest. The website should be applied of sales enquiry form, click-to-call action button/chat-bot/WhatsApp, Highlight banner & etc.


First and foremost is to build credibility towards users. Trust and believe are something that users will be considered. In this modern era, business without a website is less credible as users will think the company has something to hide. Furthermore, an official website has its very own domain makes an e-mail and address even more trustful. An official website is where your potential customers and clients can find and contact you in a very short time. According to Survey Monkey, 90% of the people do not trust a company or brand if they have no website.

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