Checklist for Good Content How to build a Good Web Content?

A Good Website Content checklist you should never miss. The success of websites depends on quality content. Why web content is important ? A website must offer content that meets the demands of users, and it should be optimized for search engines such as Google and Bing.

Checklist for good Content

  1. †††Content. Your site sucks and is a waste of space and bandwidth if it is yet another godawful anime, general computer help, or other useless redundant pointless site.
  2. Remember that millions of Americans are vision-impared. That means never rely on color to convey a point, use large font sizes, and avoid text in images wherever possible.. ABSOLUTELY NEVER use a light-on-dark color's murder to view on some monitors and with some vision impediments.
  3. Absolutely never rely on browser extensions or client-side scripting to make your page. That means avoid Flash, Java, and Javascript wherever possible.
  4. Never use images where text will suffice, e.g a website with images for each of the navigation items, each reading a different word like "Blog" "about me" etc. Lets say they have 7 nav items. If there is an image for each one, thats 7 images the browser has to load. Now, if you use the same image and use (X)HTML to put the text in, thats only one image. Use the one image as a background for each nav item and them write the text in yourself.
  5. Another navigation point, make it clear. There no point just having symbols or weird stuff like that (although it can come in handy when you have visitors from all over the world, speaking - and reading - in different languages, if this is a problem check out Babelfish). Have clear navigation and try to split your website into meaningful sections, maybe with a "main site" or "misc." section for all the odds and ends, e.g. link, about, contact, copyright etc...
  6. Make your site interesting, and try to dedicate it to one soul purpose. E.g. writing, or movies, or music etc. Anything you can think of - and don't worry if it doesn't look like the rest of the websites out there and has got different content - be grateful, most designers strive day and night for that.
  7. Page content must be easy to read
  8. Look for page design consistency
  9. Add valuable content and meaningful content.
  10. contain original content that isn't found any where else on the net.
  11. No one likes site scrapers, so do some market research and write your own content. Otherwise, hire a copywriter. You'll be glad you did.
  12. Be well organized and easy to follow in terms of navigation.
  13. Be compelling enough to get repeat visitors.
  14. Not be an "island" by gradually attaining inbound links.
  15. Be routinely updated with useful or brand-building content.
  16. Have an overall design that is consistent from page to page. For
  17. instance, it is very frustrating to come to a new page and find that the main navigation has moved!
  18. A good site should have a consistent color scheme/template etc
  19. A good site should NEVER rely on stuff like JavaScript, AJAX and flash etc to fully display the site or rely on these things to run the site because if someone has JavaScript disabled or doesn't support flash, then YOU'RE STUFFED. BUT......a little JavaScript and flash here and there never hurt anyone because we want your site to be in the 21st century and be exciting. There is nothing worse than a boring site. MAKE IT EXCITING!
    use CSS wherever possible
  20. Creating visual appeal with pictures, borders and shading
  21. Adding a clear slogan
  22. using headings and subheadings to break up chunks of text
    There are others of course - such as leaving white space around the text and making sure that the content is worth reading - but these are 4 basics to start with.
  23. Website loads quick and files like images, video or pdf needs to download quickly
  24. Sells the product or content not the design
  25. Emphasis on branding
  26. Cross browser platform Issue
  27. Use of x HTML instead of HTML (and for my view point strict dfd should be used so that it can remove all the errors by checking the document online and after that the document will be open on even mobile browser)

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