What is UX Web design

Web UX Design means User Experience Design of Web is very important for web designer or web developer as a guideline to design a user-friendly website. UX design is user-centered design / user-oriented design method.

The following is some principles of Good Web User Experience Design.

Good experience is effective.

  • Fast speed and good performance website make user comfortable and relax.
  • A slow website make visitor feel stress-free and in-control.
  • A slow website impact on your ability to engage visitors and high bounce rate.

Good experience is intuitive.

  • This It is related to the operating habits of human; A good website design can easily understand how to use it.
  • For example, the most famous of the iPad. Users can use it without teaching or learning even babies can use it directly.

Good experience is a closed loop and smooth.

  • Easy navigation, Hypertext obvious, if visitors can’t tell a hyperlink from site page, it lose a lead
  • The wording of the navigation headings is extremely user friendly
  • Put website navigation in a standard place.

Good experience is consistent

  • Sometimes, the consistency of the overall experience is even more important than the optimization of the partial experience
  • Website colour scheme, color palettes (), A color scheme consists of a combination of colors used in a range of design disciplines, from graphic design to web design.
  • A font family is a collection of fonts that share similar design elements.