WordPress website design price

As we all know today, WordPress has becoming the most popular web content management system in the word. According to Netcraft’s January 2019 Web Server Survey, there are 1++ billion sites in the world, and WordPress powers 34% of CMS-built websites which occupied the largest portion of the pie. It is important to know how much are the budgets for developing various types website by using WordPress. Here are our summaries of WordPress website design price and some other development costing in next few paragraphs.

WordPress powers 34% of CMS-built websites

Basic needs of WordPress website:

  1. Domain name, the annual fee could be RM80 to RM200, it depends what type of domain name that you registered for your website
  2. Web Hosting, typically RM500 to RM1,000 for around 5GB to 20GB the annual hosting fee, it is also depending on specification and requirements, such as storage space, security features, back-up services and etc.

Cost of landing page with WordPress

For a typical landing page design, let assume the page content is as much as an A4 size paper, most probably it will cost you about RM1800 to RM2,400. It is depending your expectation of delivery outcome, such as animation effect, design concept, website features setup & etc. Thus, if plus together with domain and hosting fee, the total price will be around RM 2,880++.

Cost of corporate site with WordPress

Let us take an example of simple corporate sites with 10 pages, and we assume all the page contents are in straight forward layout arrangement, the total development cost will up to RM4,800++. The development cost will be varied in case your site requirement special modules or plugins like page builder plugin, e-commerce plugin , for instance, Client Relationship Management (CRM) system integration, Member Subscription, Dealer Management and etc. Hence, in total of corporate website development cost and fee of domain name & hosting, will be RM5,300++.

Cost of e-commerce with WordPress

While setting up an e-commerce site could be more time-consuming, as usual, the developer will setup Woo-commerce plugin into the WordPress, and there are a lot of configuration need to be done, such as payment gateway, discount, product and category management & etc. Therefore, the development cost of the WordPress e-commerce will be at least RM16,000 onward (we assume the site has no other e-commerce plug-in subscription fee). For web hosting, e-commerce site often requires more things like web storage and web processing speed, so the web hosting fee could be slightly higher and in total will be ended at least RM26,000++.

There are many more types of website besides three mentioned above. For tabulating the website development cost could be very hassle sometimes, we would recommend visit to get a professional web design company in order to get consult based on your website requirements. And also, if you have existing website and you plan revamp or redesign them, the WordPress website design price will have differences in costing, read our article about “Website Revamp vs. Website Redesign comparison” for more detail.