What is website in the internet

What is website


Website is something like digital book in the internet. Website content of web pages (Digital paper), and web page content of  text, images and video. Its use for showing or present the information to public or private. We only can view the website in the internet browser with a domain name (Website URL).

Normally website has more than one page. All these pages are HTML pages. Example Home Page, Landing Page, products pages, contact us page ect.


Who can own the website?
Everyone can have a website. Personal Website, Website for business or organization.


Why need a website?
90% of the website is build for information sharing on the internet. Example like wikipedia.org and wikihow.com. Government need a website to announce policy. Company need a e-commerce website selling products and service on the internet. Personal or individuals need a site to share in the social media like personal blog and Facebook page.


What we can do in the website?

  1. We can reading e-book on the website.
  2. We can watch movie or video on the website
  3. Shopping buy stuff
  4. Play game
  5. Chatting with friend or customer.
  6. Sending and email
  7. Manage database
  8. Build a web application


Type of website (Different type of website design)

  1. Corporate website
  2. Digital marketing web site
  3. Shopping site
  4. Information website
  5. Marketing website
  6. Web Application website
  7. Personal Website


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