Website Revamp vs. Website Redesign comparison

Website is the fundamental and representation of your business or company.

Why to have a new website -

  1. If you have a new information for your website and want to change the website.
  2. Keeping tabs with the latest online technology is important, this can improve efficiency and your business transactions.

What is the difference between website redesign an website revamp.

Website redesign and website revamp have the same purpose is to build a good website

There is two options can go for it.  Website redesign and website revamp.

website revamp redesign


Below is the comparison table to show the difference.

Website Redesign

The reason to build an new website sometimes because you need to have a better idea or site isn’t responsive (mobile friendly) or need rebranding

  1. Fees
    The fee will be higher than website revamp
  2. Time needed
    The time will take longer to complete the website because of CMS migration, website colour scheme have to come out a new idea, new concept of the website need to bring out
  3. Content Structure
    Normally  the web designer and web developer  will work together to create new web content layout and change the themes for the new website content.
  4. Software use for Website Redesign
    Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator to create new layout draft and use HTML editor or CMS to develop the website

Website Revamp

If you satisfy with the current website UI and UX, and you just want to change the content and information to increase conversion or for SEO ranking improvement.

  1. Fees
    The fee will be lower than website redesign. Website Revamping is the most cost effective changes of the website
  2. Time needed
    The website layout and structure will be maintain. Only update the web elements and content. The time needed is less.
  3. Content Structure
    Most of the time the website content management system CMS will keep not change.  All the web navigation menu, web header and web footer will be the same with previous website.
  4. Software for Website revamp
    CMS system with web builder tools, like WordPress, Drupal web builder plugin.

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